deliver */*/*/

deliver */*/*/
UK [dɪˈlɪvə(r)] / US [dɪˈlɪvər] verb
Word forms "deliver":
present tense I/you/we/they deliver he/she/it delivers present participle delivering past tense delivered past participle delivered
1) [transitive] to take something, especially goods or letters, to a place

The package was delivered this morning.

deliver something to something:

Would you like to have the latest fashions delivered to your door?

deliver something by hand:

Your flowers will be delivered by hand to your door on the day of your choice.

a) to give information or documents to someone

The message was delivered by the Finnish ambassador.

deliver something to someone:

These records should be delivered to the Registrar at the end of every financial year.

b) to take someone to a place where they will be guarded or looked after
deliver someone to:

He was safely delivered to his hotel.

2) [transitive] formal to give a formal talk to a group of people
deliver a speech/lecture/address:

The main speech was delivered by Anne Samson.

3) [transitive] to give an official decision

The jury returned to deliver their verdict.

4) [intransitive/transitive] to do something that you have promised to do

No one believed that he would be able to deliver everything that he had promised.

deliver on:

How will the government deliver on its election promises?

5) [transitive] to provide a service

These reforms will enable us to deliver health services more efficiently.

6) [transitive] to win votes or support, especially for a political party

We're counting on you to deliver votes from younger people.

7) [transitive] computing to make a computer program available

We'll soon be delivering this software on multiple platforms.

8) [transitive] computing if a computer delivers a particular amount of power, speed, or effectiveness, it makes it available for you to use

A two-processor configuration should deliver 57 MIPS.

9) [transitive] if you deliver a blow or punch to part of someone's body, you hit them there very hard
deliver a blow/punch:

She delivered a hefty blow to his stomach.

10) [transitive] to help a woman to give birth to a baby

The baby was delivered by a paramedic.

11) [transitive] formal to free someone from an unpleasant situation
deliver someone from something:

It was another hundred years before they were finally delivered from slavery.

Phrasal verbs:

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